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Sunday, August 4, 2013

May Allah bless you my dearest mum

#This entry is special to you my mum..May Allah bless you always :")

Bahagianya rasa hati,
Melihatnya ada disisi,
sentiasa menemani..
sentiasa menyayangi..
Indahnya relationship kami,
ketawa, menangis, membaca, memasak..semuanya bersama..,
All mum are great!!
But, You just so great 'mama'..just so great!!
But, Your creator (Allah) is more great!!
HE's so great to us 'mama'
Ma, I learn something new when i with you,
Thank you mama,

Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah, 
You give me & everyone, iman & islam nikmah,
You also give me a chance to have this feeling,

Thank you Rasulullah,
you show us 'uswatun hasanah'
your sacrifice is too big for us,
Allahuakbar :')

Mum, I really appreciate what you had given for me, I really love you my dear mum. You are the best mum for me forever & you are my bestfriend :) .. having mum like you in my life is a big 'nikmah' that Allah given to me. Not everyone have the chance..'ada yang tiada ibu dari baby, ada yang anak yatim dan sebagainya'..semua orang ada ceritanya..dan aku & mama juga ada cerita.. Alhamdulillah, Allah give me a chance to be love and love you mum. Your love to me and siblings are huge. :")

Mum, when i think about our ambitions, our moments..sad.. don't know why..I just afraid  can't make you smile, can't make you happy...i also afraid when the day come 'hari akhirat' ..Allah told me that i'm 'anak derhaka'..and i cant be with you anymore.."betapa malang rasanya diri ini andai itu yang terjadi' :' ..kata sayang dan cinta tapi mengheret dan diheret ke neraka' its not called love kan ma? , Mum, my biggest ambitions is to be with you, siblings and our family at paradise..There, we can continue our love story..:' but...'sama-sama kita usaha dan doa ya :"..moga Allah redha..'

Dear mum, please pray for me.. i want to be your good daughter duniya and Hereafter..i want to be your solehah daughter that bring happiness in your life, I know, in this duniya, A women that called as 'mum' is willing to sacrifice anything, everything to make their children happy..And you are also do that. I can't count your sacrifice, because your sacrifice is so huge. You cry more than smile..I know..

Mum, my day is so meaningful when i had given a chance to see you smile. It's so calm..so extraordinary feeling..Alhamdulillah.

Mum, i'm sorry for all  mistakes that i make. I don't know why this pepatah melayu ' sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tidak berguna' terngiang-ngiang in my head. Dulu, i'm not a good daughter to you, huhu..when i think about the past..'betapa rugi rasanya diri ni' ..Now, I also don't know whether im good or not daughter to you, but i will try to be your good daughter..  i want to 'belajar dari mama tentang kehidupan ini'..InshaaAllah.

Mum, do you remember my promise to you? and that is also my ambitions..:" , but once again..i'm afraid, 'ajal&maut kita tak tahu kan ma?, Jika Allah ambil aku lebih awal..i cant fulfill my promise :" , jika benar umur aku tak panjang, aku harap , aku pergi dalam keadaan mama, abah, dan family redha padaku'
mum, its so long time ago i think about it..i want to go ' Umrah' then 'Haji' with you after i finish my degree . I promise to you to sponsored it..And i really miss that place...'Mekkah & Madinah..my dreamed place' ..Mum, InshaaAllah, jika umur panjang, we will go there together k..:")  ..I love you mum ...

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