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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Don't give up before trying

Salam, Dear Mum and Dad, I miss You :’(

Reminder to me and you, Dear Heart:
Don’t give up before trying..
If you feel you want to give up,
First, Please remember Allah..Allah is our creator, and HE knows the best.. Allah would never put you in a situation you couldn’t handle,
Second, If you feel you want to give up ,
Please remember your parents,
You want to make your mum and dad happy, You want to see your mum and dad smile,
You want to be a good son/daughter to them,
So don’t give up before trying, 
Remember, They have done many things to you,
Do you remember all their sacrifices? Do you remember the time when they send you to School? Matriculation? University? Carrying your heavy beg..
At their face, there’s a Hope...Hope that you will try you best in study, Hope that you will happy in university...Hope that you will try your best to be a good student, good daughter/son, and can achieve your ambitions..
Your mum and dad loves you so much, they also trying to be a good mum and dad to you..Do you know about it? 
Sometimes, We wonder why we don’t get what others get. We blame fate, we blame Allah. Yet we never see or value the many things He did give us. For Example: Allah gives us ‘TODAY’- every beat of our heart,every second of our breath,it's a gift from Allah, Ask to yourself, what did i do today to improve my relationship with Allah? What did i do today to improve my relationship with my mum & dad? And then with my friends? Look at your activity, Look at your time management..Think.. ( Let's move towards success, Success duniya wa akhirat..May Allah bless us..amin)

entry TAMMAT...suka? like jer..

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nur naa'irah said...

salam..nice entry..thanks for sharing..